Defense Wall Projection

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Exhibit Type: Projection Video Playback
Audio Sync Type: Close Sync
Server Room: SER 12 ‐ MM1

This video presentation utilizes (39) specially‐configured 7th Sense Nano video servers feeding WUXGA HDMI signal to (39) Digital Projection 13,000 Lumen, 3‐DLP Laser projectors. Two lens types are required to achieve the desired image size (approximately 8,035mm x 5,025mm) from the projector locations – (12) 1.45 – 1.74:1 zoom and (27)
2.17 – 2.90:1 zoom. The images are mapped and blended in three groups of nine and one group of twelve utilizing software internal to the server to achieve total image sizes of 5,025mm x 65,640mm and 5,025mm x 86,810mm respectively.  An 8‐Port network switch with an integrated fiber port is located within each projector enclosure to provide TCP/IP
signal to/from the Master Controller allowing functionality control and status feedback of the projector and to monitor the status and health of the environmental enclosure. The network connection to the three 7th sense infinity player centrally located in the server room also allows content to be loaded from remote locations. (10) channels of audio are sourced from the Danta connection between 7th sense and QSys in the DSP allowing synchronization with the video content. The (10) DSP outputs feed (10) 70v amplifier channels located in the server room. The output speaker‐level audio channels feed (8) QSC 6” outdoor‐rated loudspeakers and (2) QSC Dual 8” outdoor-rated subwoofer.

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