Atturaif Museum


This document details recommendations for the audio, video and control (“AVC”) systems for the Atturaif
Development Project. Our goal for this design review was to refresh dated specified technology to current
standards and develop a comprehensive approach to the site‐wide AVC design. Our recommendations
standardize and streamline the equipment toolkit, reducing the required spares inventory and cost of ownership
as well as simplifying maintenance. The updated system design also optimizes the infrastructure while reducing
power consumption and heat dissipation. Fully networked systems with expanded and standardized scheduling
and status reporting capabilities will improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime.
Although many of the recommendations listed herein will be transparent to the guest, ultimately the
improvements will enhance the visitor experience as they explore this historic landmark.

Proposed Technologies

Video Projection, Distribution & Playback
Simplifying and streamlining the video playback systems is accomplished by utilizing digital signage players by
Brightsign and more sophisticated digital video players by 7th Sense local to the display device wherever possible.
This proven technology has a small form factor, minimizing impact on architecture and casework, and incorporates
solid state content storage reducing hardware failures. Locating the player adjacent to the display device where
applicable means fewer signal extenders are required, reducing complexity and points of failure.
Network connections to each player in the field allows synchronization between players producing frame‐accurate
playback on multiple display devices. The network connection also provides remote access for scheduling,
programming and content uploads from any location on the network.
Projection studies are provided to indicate general locations of the projectors and enclosures where needed
however all dimensions shall be verified onsite prior to equipment purchases.


While we have maintained the specialty speakers such as transducers, narrow field and directional speakers to
retain creative intent, the majority of speakers we are recommending are from the QSC Acoustic Design series.
One exception to this is for Book 16 – Sound & Light – where larger line array loudspeakers are required. Because
QSC does not have an acceptable published IP rating for their large‐format line array speakers, we have
recommended products from Renkus‐Heinz that fulfill the requirements. Limiting the number of speaker types
site‐wide will reduce the spares inventory as well as maintenance and repair.
The QSC Acoustic Design Series has a number of advantages including excellent fidelity and a wide range of sizes
in an attractive enclosure available in black or white that can be painted in custom colors as required. The
Euroblock connections improve termination and the X‐mount system makes them able to aim at a variety of
All speakers in the series are IP54 rated so can be used indoors and outdoors interchangeably.

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